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Painting lines with a greener footprint.


Environmentally Friendly
Riggotts Line Marking Truck

In today’s world, every business needs to consider its environmental footprint. That’s why the innovation team at Riggotts have developed new eco-friendly alternatives to traditional line marking materials and equipment – good news for your business, and the planet.

You can now opt for Water-based paint, which is kinder to the environment. We also offer Ultra Line marking, using paint which is instantly cured with UV light to create an extremely durable lining. As well as reducing carbon emissions during application, the impressive durability increases the time needed till reapplication. Riggotts have also invested just over £500,000 in six new vehicles for 2019 which utilise the latest technology in fuel economy and emission reduction.

By doing more to help the environment, we can take better care of the planet and of our customers too. We’re always happy to discuss ways in which our technology can help you with environmental standards or targets. So ask us about cutting edge innovation in more environmentally responsible line marking – that’s good for everybody.


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