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An Open Letter To RSMA


Road Lining
No argument!!!! — Nick Riggott

A recent view of Riggotts yard with some of the fully MOT’s and regularly inspected fleet.

The Department for Transport recently issued a consultation paper on proposals to remove the exemption to MOT Testing currently enjoyed by a number of vehicle categories, including Road construction vehicles such as our Road Marking and Studding vehicles

A copy can be seen here Below is a copy of a recent letter from Nick Riggott to the RSMA on the subject:

“Dear George, About time this was brought into law, we have had all our vehicles MOT’d for 15 years now including anti skid & studding wagons and also we have had 6 week checks on all vehicles and run the fleet knowing we are fully compliant with HGV standards.

We are all for MOTs to HGV standards and this shouldn’t even be debated, gone are the dark ages and I don’t believe any time scale should be brought into place, it should be immediate, if any member or non member says his fleet is maintained and road legal then it should pass its MOT immediately, there should be no additional cost other than the MOT itself (£75.00 per vehicle) so no excuses can be made to bring the vehicle up to standards as they shouldn’t be on the road if they can’t pass straight away. No argument!!!!.

Regards Nick Riggott Commercial Director”


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