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Road Markings: The Unsung Hero Of The Roadways


Road Lining
Highway authorities could save 20 fatal or serious injury accidents over three years by simply re-lining junctions — EuroRAP

Travelling on roadways is such a normal occurrence that many of us fail to realise how dangerous it can be until tragedy strikes. Every year, millions of UK drivers take to the roads on a daily basis – that’s 31.4 million cars last year alone. Worryingly, a study in 2012 found that over half of the UK’s roads weren’t meeting acceptable safety standards. Research carried out by RSMA in 2014 found that road markings on 52% of motorways, 42% of dual carriageways and 48% of single carriageways were so worn, they needed replacing. And these road markings aren’t just for aesthetics – EuroRAP says highway authorities could save 20 fatal or serious injury accidents over three years by simply re-lining junctions. The evidence stands: in 2011, seven of the ten most dangerous roads underwent road marking treatments, reducing fatal and serious accidents by 74%. Experts have claimed that white lines ‘cut more accidents than cameras’, with motoring organisation The AA even claiming that road markings are ‘one of the best safety tools we have’. Best of all, road markings are a cost effective investment – for as little as a tin of paint, eight times as many lives can be saved. Riggotts is the UK’s premier road marking company, with over 42 teams operating throughout the country. With 21 years of experience in the road marking industry, Riggotts is the best choice for your road marking needs, for everything from traditional to completely bespoke lines.road markings


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