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Improving Safety With Warehouse Line Marking


Warehouse Lining
We use top quality, high specification products for our internal warehouse markings — Riggotts

Along with our focus on great quality results and excellent customer service, Riggotts are dedicated to upholding high levels of safety.

One of our areas of expertise is warehouse line marking which helps make warehouses a safer place for people working in them as well as helping them to run smoothly and more efficiently. Highly vibrant line markings, such as our diagonal yellow line markings, are crucial in warehouses both for staff working in them and staff from other departments who may have to visit or pass through them as they make it clearer to see where safe walkways are and can be used to mark out racking spaces so items are placed in suitable areas. Clear internal warehouse line markings are one of the factors you need to check for when completely a risk assessment.

The Health and Safety Executive also highly recommends that unloading areas are clearly marked out and in larger warehouses it can be beneficial to mark out the path to the nearest fire exit. We use top quality, high specification products for our internal warehouse markings including chlorinated rubber and MMA resins to give lasting, fade resistant results as well as being non-skid, which also increases the level of safety both for staff walking through your warehouse and those operating machinery alike. We also offer floor surface preparations which are a crucial step to ensure long-lasting, durable results and refreshing sprays for painted surfaces.

Our high quality products combined with excellent workmanship and attention to detail and quality ensures that your warehouse is a safer place for all of your staff and is correctly marked to adhere to health and safety guidelines.


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