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Plastiline Passes Durability Test At Asda Avonmouth


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We had to find something much more robust and durable to replace the failing tape — Nick

Asda’s Avonmouth distribution centre is big – 492,000 sq ft – and it’s extremely busy – it has the capacity to support 78 Superstores and 45 supermarkets. Strategically placed to help Asda expand in the south of the UK, when the existing line marking tape started to peel off due to the force of abuse from the constant to-and-fro of forklifts, heavy produce and vans, contractors the McLaren Group approached Riggotts to find a solution.

“We had to find something much more robust and durable to replace the failing tape,” explains Nick Riggott, commercial director at Riggotts. “I’d been sent a sample of a new, pre-formed, self-adhesive plastic line called Plastiline which I thought might fit the bill.” What better time to test the durability of Plastiline than at the distribution centre’s busiest time? For Asda this, of course, would be the festive period. Continues Nick: “After managing to withstand a trial in the hectic lead up to Christmas, we knew Plastiline was the winner.

So, Simon Staniland and his team ended up laying 17,000 metres of the product over a four-week period.” Peter Boswell, site contact for McLaren said: “We were extremely impressed just how well Plastiline worked, especially as we couldn’t have tested it in a higher trafficked time, so we know it’s going to withstand the test of time.”


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