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Supplying Scania Swindon with Health and safety Line Markings


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Through the use of live tracking, we can continuously update our crews on their next jobs or if there's a rushed order nearby. — Programming Department

One reason why clients stay and keep coming back to Riggotts Line Marking is because of their flexibility and ableness to complete any job on time and to budget.

Using the latest in line marking technology, Riggotts are at the forefront of their industry. With over 50 crews stretching throughout the UK, taking advantage of five depots Riggotts can provide around the clock availability.

This time, the proficient programming department at Riggotts sent one of their paint crews to Swindon, to complete works for a returning client at Scania garage in Swindon. 

When the paint crew got to site, they quickly got to work and liaised with the client to understand what exactly was needed to complete the job. The team carried out health & safety line markings which included; car park linings, hatched areas, pedestrian walkways – making the site safer for both customer and employee.

All finished works were carried out in a single pack epoxy, know for its durability, reflectiveness and longevity. As well as being incredibly durable the paint is also fast drying, therefore a more efficient product to use on the tighter time-scaled jobs.

The job at Scania was carried out as night works; the paint had to be fast curing in order for full use the following morning.

The total amount of works carried out on-site consisted of; two disabled logos, four pedestrian logos, four metres squared of solid area, 10 T&I bays, 75 metres of 100mm white lining, 200 metres of 100mm yellow lining and 60 metres of 100mm yellow hatching.

When time is an issue, and you need a quick turn around choose Riggotts Line Marking. Trust us to get the job done, on-time and to budget.

For more information on the works at Scania Swindon give us a call, for a free quote or advice, contact us today via email or free phone.

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