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Road Lining
You don't realise how little other people understand about what the job entails

The UK’s leading road marking company landed a prime slot on one of TV’s most popular shows to demonstrate their skills. Researchers for The Paul O’Grady show wanted to do a location shoot with one of their Roving Reporters to see how lines are painted on our roads – so they approached Nottinghamshire-based Riggotts to help them out! Riggotts worked in conjunction with Nottingham Council’s Parking Enforcement Office, taking the film crew, along with presenter Tracey Chappel to watch the specialist line marking team as they painted local roads.

Riggotts’ Charge-hand, Andy Mitchel, said: “With any career, you get used to your skills base to the extent that you don’t realise how little other people understand about what the job entails. “The days of battered trucks dripping tar as they trundle along are long gone, so it was interesting to the film crew to see how advanced the materials and processes required to create contemporary road markings and white lining, which are fundamental to road safety, really are. “And for us, the pressure of having a film crew with us was nothing compared to the pressure of getting the job right everyday.”


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