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The Importance Of Road Markings


Road Lining
Riggotts always adheres to strict safely guidelines and are affiliated with the Road Safety Markings Association — Riggotts

At Riggotts we have spent the last 21 years building a sterling reputation as national road lining experts and deliver top quality road marking and lining, including yellow lining, chevron lining, car park lining and graphic line marking. As well as being passionate about high quality results and excellent customer service, Riggotts are dedicated to safety and road markings play a large part in increasing road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Road linings are important for safety on all kinds of roads, from tiny country roads to vast motorways for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons is probably that they give instant instructions to motorists; highly visible white and yellow linings separate traffic lines to keep drivers safely on the correct side of the road, indicate areas where other lines of traffic merge into main roads, can be used to indicate speed restrictions, mark out specific cycle and bus lanes and give various instructions such as where to give way and where there may be potential hazards. Certain road markings indicate where it is safe for pedestrians to cross the road, for example zebra crossings and others such as single and double yellow lining show where parking isn’t allowed, helping drivers to avoid fines.

Due to the nature of their purpose, road marking and linings undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis from vehicles and the elements so Riggotts use the latest technologies, high quality materials such as thermoplastics and expert techniques to ensure that all our markings are hard wearing and durable. According to a recent survey by safety company LifeLines, the most dangerous roads in the country are those with worn out road markings as it is so much harder for drivers to know when and where to safely leave the road. Our road linings, including our white and yellow linings, remain highly visible and easy to identify with minimal maintenance, and are applied in a minimal amount of time without sacrificing quality, ensuring as little as possible disruption to everyday service.

As the need for safer, more efficient roads grows, Riggotts always adheres to strict safely guidelines and are affiliated with the Road Safety Markings Association to create any form of road lining necessary to keep everybody safe on the road, both inside and outside of vehicles.


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