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Works at Morrisons DC using Ultra Line Marking


Ultra Line Marking
Specialist Ultra Line Marking

When Morrisons supermarkets needed linings at their distribution centre restored quickly, they came to Riggotts, knowing we were up to the challenge and would have the perfect competitive ingredient to meet their needs and demands.

We recommended Ultra Line Marking, the latest addition to our client shopping list. The Ultra Line Marking product is applied, then exposed to UV light which instantly cures it. This speedy process means less time on site, less disruption, and fewer carbon emissions. Yet it still provides durable linings with maximum chemical and mechanical resistance.

In all, 5000 meters of Ultra Line Marking were efficiently delivered to this distribution centre. Fast, stress-free, and with products that perfectly meet the customer’s needs – Morrisons know just where to come for line marking and more.

Ultra Line MarkingUltra Line Marking In Progress


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